If there’s one band I like,it’s Styx.Especially their well-known “Mr.Roboto” song.It has a PLOT,too.

Mr.Roboto warns us of SPLOILER WARN!

It’s about some dude called Kilroy,who rocks out Everywhere he goes. But one day this GUY comes along,and he’s all,like,”ban Rock Music,or I’ll kill all your firstborn sons!” to the government.They’re like,”K thnx bye” and Kilroy goes to jail for liking rock music or something.

Then,this robot comes and he’s like,”ROOM SERVICE!” And Kilroy Kills the robot guy and makes him into a costume somehow, and all of a sudden,he can speak japanese and he’s all “Domo arigato mister roboto” like a BILLION times.Then a bunch of STUFF happens,and kilroy does stuff,and at the end he’s like “SURPRISE!”

the end.